Dues and Fees

Indiana Ki Aikido does not charge fees, however our governing bodies do. For most members*, these are:

$58 One-time initiation fee

$33 Annual Ki Society membership fee (due in January)

There are also small fees for each rank promotion. Details are available to dojo members.

*Registration, membership, and promotion fees are waived for Earlham Aikido Club members.

Earlham Aikido Club

The Earlham Aikido Club is open to all members of the Earlham community. Two of our three weekly meetings are specially identified as Club practice sessions. Non-club members may attend Club sessions with permission from the instructor. Club membership has numerous benefits*:

Ki Society initiation and membershif fees are waived for all club members

Promotion fees are waived for all club members

Each club member may borrow a dogi (uniform) for the duration of their membership

Seminar fees and travel expenses are waived for all club members

Club members are automatically enrolled in Ki Society international and may attend any Ki Aikido seminar world wide, excepting rank restrictions

*As allowed by club budget availability


Equipment and Accessibility

Registered members of Ki Society will are expected to wear a clean dogi (practice uniform) at all times on the mat, with an appropriately-colored obi depending upon rank. Yudansha (holders of black belts) will also wear hakama (traditional pants). Otherwise, we don’t have any special equipment or equipment requirements. Newcomers are welcome to wear comfortable, durable clothes. Ideal clothes include sweatpants, tights, t-shirts, etc. It is recommended that clothes cover knees and elbows to avoid mat burns.

Our building is ADA compliant and wheelchair-accessible. All are welcome to join regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, martial-arts experience, or physical ability. The only things you need to practice Aikido are a body and a mind.

With that in mind, please note that Aikido is a physical art and requires routine physical contact with all dojo members. 

Because we focus on connection with, and care for, the uke (the person being thrown), and because we maintain proper form and posture during techniques, Ki Aikido has an extraordinarily low injury rate. We practice on exercise tatami (soft plastic versions of the traditional woven floor mat).